My Name is Theodore Tolis, most people call me teteo...
A made-up name that  it was supposed to be a joke and it stuck with me for more than a decade !

I'm a Graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts Greece
and a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts Greece.

-What have you studied ?

During my 6 years in the Athens School of Fine Arts.
I've studied :

Practical studies :

-Fine Arts
-Installation Art
-Graphic Arts
-Traditional Graphic Arts

Theoretical studies :

-Art History
-History of Ancient Art
-History of Architecture
-Didactics of Art History
-Didactics of Art
-Theory of Space
-Art Philosophy
-Psychology of Education
-History of Comics
-Anthropology and Contemporary Art

-Where do you draw inspiration from ?

—Nature herself 

The sounds of the wind, waves, rain, birds, the celestial bodies ... EVERYTHING
A walk in a forest, on a mountain, or a walk by the sea will recharge my creative batteries without failure.

-Artists that inspire me.

Visual Artist

-Xavier Houssin
-David Revoy
-Fatemeh Haghnejad ( Bluebirdy )
-Ahmed Aldoori
-Zeen Chin
-Marco Bucci
-Manu Mercurial

-Hayao Miyazaki
-Kamome Shirahama

-Manthos Santorineos
-Pavlos Samios

-John William Waterhouse
-Luis Ricardo Falero
-Alphonse Mucha
-Wassily Kandinsky

-Leonardo da Vinci


There are too many,  at 2022 I'm listening to...

-Florence and the Machine
-Dan Avidan

-Hans Zimmer
-Thomas Newman
-Russel Shaw
-Edvard Grieg
-Bill Brown
-Jeremy Soule

-Emma Shapplin
-Maria Callas

I could talk for each one of them for hours.
Also, this list, changes constantly. 

-Favorite YouTubers ?

-Jack Septic Eye
-The Game Grumps (Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson)
-Michael Stevens Vsauce 1
-Kevin Lieber   Vsauce 2
-Jake Roper     Vsauce 3

-Favorite books ?

I read lots of books, I'll share some that I found very inspirational and helpful.

-Creativity and the campfire by Marco Bucci
-Thinking fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

-Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon
-Show Your Work by Austin Kleon
-Keep Going by Austin Kleon