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First of all, my pricing depends on the level of difficulty and the time spent* creating the piece you want me to paint/draw.

*The pricing is not based entirely on my hourly rate.
For projects that need more than a single illustration ( Merchandise, Comics, Websites,etc.) 

Step 1
Choose your style

I can paint in two styles

Click on the one that you'd like your piece to look like. 

-Comic Style

-Comic Style

If you’ve seen my work you know that I love to draw comics! My style is closer to manga but I’m influenced from other genres and styles of comics/animation from shows like Adventure time, Gravity Falls, all of Disney classics , video games like Fable (all the fables) ,Overwatch, Hearthstone and a lot more!

The list is getting bigger by the day!

-It’s an ideal style to have your OC, favorite character ,D&D character/ character portrait, Creature painted!

-Painterly Style

-Painterly Style

I like to work with colors and brush strokes. As a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts, I have an academic education in classical painting/ drawing from real life.

The Painterly Style is a classical approach to painting, but influenced by modern life! The outcome is a digital painting/drawing with the classical look of an oil paint!  Think it like an oil paint but with the digital color gamut of a self illuminated display!-It’s an ideal style for a portrait, a painting of your pet, a loved scenery or a memory.-Great idea for a gift to a loved one, too.

If your idea is something different, like your merchandise or a comic. 

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