Something different

-What do you have in mind ?

Email me your idea, so we can talk about it . 

Freelance work

First of all...
Freelance Work has PRIORITY over simple commissions.

Freelance work has an hourly rate.

My current rate is :  20 - 25 $ / Hour

Depending on the project.

Why an hourly rate instead of a piece by piece rating ?

-It's more flexible 

-It's faster 

-If something is not on my commissions pricing list , we can do it without the need to prior calculate and discuss the price.

-It's easier to calculate 

-There are no max revisions and extra charges (for the extra revisions)

-We can do as many artworks as you want , without the need to calculate the costs again and again for each piece. 

How do you track your time ?

- I'm using Clockify for time tracking on the painting program.

- For the work I do traditionally (on paper , mainly sketches and brainstorming) ,
I'm using a stopwatch and a pomodoro timer. 

How does this Work ?

This works in pre-paid hourly circles !

-You pay me a certain amount of hours in advance, for example 10 hours
and I'll work for these 10 hours on your project.
-Whenever you want, you can start a new circle.

-What can we do?

Some examples and ideas below



If WE can PRINT on it, I can design it !


-I want to make a COMIC / MANGA!

Yes, we can do this,
just email me.

If you want to see an outdated demo of a comic made by me, check out emery, my webcomic.


-Yeap! There’s an option if you want me to draw your cute pet!

I can paint your pet in Painterly Style
The price ranges between 100 - 200 $

-The price here is not set as well, ‘cause you may have a dog or an elephant as a pet!
-I’ll need you to send me a well lighted and clean picture of your pet as well as it’s character and breed (if it’s a breed)