Painterly Style!

STEP 2  Choose what to draw!

-Fancy a more classical look?

Something would look great over your fireplace , or a central piece in your living room (or playroom)

We can go with the Painterly style!

-I can work with Black and White too , giving a pencil / charcoal feeling to the piece, the price is similar but lower.

-Because this kind of painting is a bit more demanding the price and time to get it done is not set in stone, so the price and time of delivery varies depending on the difficulty of the piece!

-A high quality picture is needed if you want me to paint a real person.​

-The piece can include a natural border / white frame around the piece for it to fit into a frame.

If you want to print the artwork, let me know,

I work with inprnt, and we can print Giclée ,museum-quality prints.


Bust: 150 - 200 $

Waist-up: 180 - 230 $

Full Body: 210 - 280 $​


+ $ for complex background

+ $ for extra complex characters

+ $ Complex pose & angle


Did you decide ?